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Why should you apply Tint Glo serum every day?

Why should you apply Tint Glo serum every day?

  1. Help to repair facial skin
  2. Feel weightless
  3. Give the skin a beautiful, velvety finish without looking like makeup.
  4. Instant glo and get ready less than 5 minute
  5. Anti-acne and breakout
  6. Anti-ageing
  7. Non-comedogenic makeup skincare - avoid skin complexion from inflammation
  8. Mineral based, natural ingredient suitable for sensitive skin
  9. Contain natural oils; Argan Oils, Sunflower Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil
  10. Wuduk friendly

It gives the lightweight feel of a tinted moisturiser with all the flawless full coverage of a liquid foundation. But while that sounds amazing, and we won’t lie, it is, there is a downside: a very runny formula but have glo matte finishing that you will love it.

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